Books and Publications by Andrei Mincov:

ASK THE EXPERT: Who will win in Jaguar’s trademark dispute with Christopher Ward?, WatchPro (2018)

Trademark Or Check Out: Why Trademarks Are Crucial For The Digital Finance Revolution, Intellectual Property Magazine (2018)

Why Most Small And Midsize Businesses Should Deeply Care About Trademarks And All But Ignore All Other Types Of Intellectual Property, Mondaq (2018)

Making Sense of Trademarks: What, When, Why and How, Business.Com (2018)

What Can and What Cannot be Trademarked, Startup Savant (2016)

The Secret of Thriving in a Competitive Industry, Startup Savant (2016)

From Faceless to Legendary: The Ultimate Insider’s Guide to Intellectual Property For Coaches, Mentors, Trainers, and Consultants, 10-10-10 Publishing (2015)

From Faceless to Legendary: The Ultimate Insider’s Guide to Intellectual Property For Bars, Cafes, and Restaurants, 10-10-10 Publishing (2015)

3 Simple Reasons Why Even Small Hotels Must Trademark Their Brands,

Trademarks Can Wait: Myth or Truth?, Futurpreneur (2015)

Can Your Trademark Strategy Predict Success Of Your Business?, SOHO (2014)

The Ultimate Insider's Guide to Intellectual Property, Expert Author Publishing (2014)

The Ultimate Insider's Guide to Copyright, Mincov Law Corporation (2014)

The Ultimate Insider's Guide to Trademarks, Mincov Law Corporation (2014)

The Ultimate Insider's Guide to Patents, Mincov Law Corporation (2014)

The Ultimate Insider's Guide to Industrial Designs, Mincov Law Corporation (2014)

The Ultimate Insider's Guide to Trade Secrets, Mincov Law Corporation (2014)

The Ultimate Insider's Guide to Contractual IP, Mincov Law Corporation (2014)

Making Sense of Trademarks—what, when, why, and how, Business In Vancouver (2013)

Copyright Issues in Web Design,

Free? Democratic? Society?, Canadian Constitution Foundation (2012)

Public Art: Monuments to Human Devolution, Troy Media (2011)

In Support of the Abolition of Laws Prohibiting Private Discrimination,

Advertising on Google with your competitor’s brand, with Robert Fleming, The Advocate (2011)

Modernization of the Inconceivable, Mincov.Com (2010)

Failed Business Models of the Past, Eh?, Mincov.Com (2010)

Copyright and the Great Socialist Degradation, The Lawyers Weekly (2010)

Why Courts Should Not Allow the Parody Exception to Make a Parody of the Copyright Law, Mincov.Com (2009)

Section of the Civil Code as a Weapon of Mass Destruction, Intellectual Property - Copyright (2009) [in Russian]

Preexisting Domain Names as a Hindrance to Trademark Registration under Part IV of the Russian Civil Code, with Eugene Arievich and Denis Khabarov, CIPR White Paper (2007)

Bona Fide Trademark Owners and Applicants Do Not Require Hurdles, with Eugene Arievich and Denis Khabarov, Patents and Licenses (2007) [in Russian]

An In-Depth Look at Russian IP and Domain Name Law, DomainesInfo.Fr (2006)

Domain Name Resolution under UDRP, Book: WoltersKluwer (2004) [in Russian]

Is It Possible to Radically Change Copyright Enforcement Practices in Russia?, Intellectual Property - Copyright (2003) [in Russian]

Copyright and Advertisement, Intellectual Property - Copyright (2002) [in Russian]

…and Now, Domain Names, Business People (2002) [in Russian]

Ten Tips for Creating a Bad Business Agreement [Adapted Translation into Russian], Business People (2002) [in Russian]

International Protection of Intellectual Property, Book: Piter Publishing House (2001) [in Russian]

Who Needs Intellectual Property in the 21st Century?, Business People (2001) [in Russian]

Real Protection of a Virtual Author, The Money (2001) [in Russian]

Intellectual Property in the Digital Age, International Law (2001) [in Russian]

About Wishful Thinking and Grammar, SK News (2000) [in Russian]

Solution Found?, Intellectual Property - Copyright (2000) [in Russian]

Contract, It Says So Much…, Intellectual Property - Copyright (2000) [in Russian]

Q.E.D., SK News (2000) [in Russian]

Eiramjan v. Rusin: Contract Drafting is Horrendous, SK News (2000) [in Russian]

Russian Parliament Having a Blast, SK News (1999) [in Russian]

Uniform Cinema Tickets Sales System, SK News (1999) [in Russian]

Agreement or a Time-Bomb?, SK News (1999) [in Russian]

Render It Void, SK News (1999) [in Russian]

The Law Must Be Impeccable, SK News (1999) [in Russian]

What Needs to be Done to get Regulation No. 524 Working, SK News (1999) [in Russian]

Who Owns Our Rights?, SK News (1998) [in Russian]

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