On this page you can calculate pre-judgment and/or post-judgment interest that will be allowed by the courts of British Columbia, Ontario and Alberta. I make this calculator available completely free of charge.

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While it is designed to be intuitive, this is how it works: enter the amount of the judgment awarded and (optionally) the name of the matter. Select jurisdiction (currently, British Columbia, Ontario and Alberta provinces of Canada are supported). Select relevant dates: date of the order, date on which the cause of action arose, and the date of actual payment (for post-judgment interest). Then press one of the three buttons to calculate pre-judgment interest only, post-judgment interest, or both.

If you print this page, you will notice that most interface features, including this notice, will not print, which means that you can submit the calculation to your court registry without further edits.

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Matter: EDIT MATTER NAME Province: 
Amount of Judgment:
$0.00 ENTER NEW AMOUNT Date of the order: July 24, 2024
Date on which cause of action arose: July 24, 2024 Date of actual payment: July 24, 2024

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