Below are some of the testimonials I have received from my clients, colleagues and former employers.

I would like to wholeheartedly thank everyone who was kind enough to share their thoughts about me and my work. Please know that I will always treasure our relationship and the opportunity to work with you.

Thank you,
Andrei Mincov

“Andrei has a good knowledge of the IT industry, and an infallable ability to inform himself promptly, if he doesn’t know immediately.

I was also impressed that he had the vision to add situationally unique clauses which really protected and even advanced my interests and business. His was not a cookie-cutter solution, but a well thought out and comprehensive document.

He put the client at the center and was available for in person, phone, and e-mail consultations throughout the process. He also works fast, as there was a short window and he was able to get it done within that very limited time frame.

I feel confident moving forward with my project, knowing Andrei has protected my interests in a thorough manner. He did excellent work! ”
Susan Volan
Undisclosed Vancouver software company
“I have been DJing as DJ Lithium since at least 1997. Over the years it’s come to my attention that others, calling themselves DJ Lithium had used the popularity of my DJ name, known around the world through broadcasts on several large internet radio stations including my own - to secure gigs, even using some of my mixes to do so. My DJ name is my brand and to have something like this happen was obviously disturbing. I decided to do something about it and TradeMark DJ Lithium.

When I began the process, directly going to the Canadian IP Office, everything seemed ok. However later it got really complicated quickly when a company in a loosely related area to what I filed the Trade Mark under had claim to ’Lithium’. I wasn’t about to give up so contacted Andrei Mincov, who immediately began working on my TradeMark claim dealing with both the Canadian IP Office and the company in question. This was no small company either. We are talking about the largest company in the world of its kind. Andrei wasn’t discouraged one bit.

He understood the importance of the DJ Lithium name to me and made it possible for it to be registered by making it clear to the company that they hadn’t done their homework when they did their registration and that it could be challenged in court and I was willing to go that far to secure it. Obviously things worked out and I have my Trademark today, all because of Andrei Mincov.

Score one for the little guy.

Thanks Andrei!”

Kelly Lee Myers
DJ Lithium
“We've put a lot of thought into registering this trademark and doing our logo, and in the end of the day, it really shows that all of this work and effort is worth it, because now it's registered, nobody can copy us and nobody can infringe on our name, so we are very excited, so thanks again to Mincov Law Trademark Factory.”

Donald Chu
BenefitDeck Consulting
“Andrei writes great articles espousing a philosophy of freedom.”
Karen Selick
Canadian Constitution Foundation
“The professional legal adviser for Russian and International Law. Highly Recommend to engage this Lawyer to solve your problems or to prevent them in advance!”
Alexander S. Zakharov
Paragon Advice Group
“Andrei worked in Baker & McKenzie Moscow IP Practice Group from 2003 to 2007 before moving to Canada. When he joined the firm he already was an accomplished copyright specialist with quite substantial experience in both advisory and contentious work including UDRP represenation. The four years with the firm served to expand his international outlook, added finesse to his drafting and negotiation skills turning him into a top-tier IP lawyer. I whole-heartedly endorse Andrei and believe that now that he already has a proper common law training he will be able to contribute significantly to development of cross-cultural IP practice of his potential employer.”
Eugene Arievich
Baker & McKenzie
“Met with Andrei at Bridge Makers and when Andrei talks you want to listen and pay attention to what he says.”
Lucie Woods
“It was a super excellent experience, very smooth workflow, everything was perfect. We are so thankful for helping us build a successful brand and a successful company!”

Maryam Sadeghi
“We just had our trademarks finally registered through Mincov Law Corporation. We\'re very happy with the service we\'ve had working with Andrei. I highly recommend him to anybody else who wants to file trademarks for their company, and as our company grows we plan to file more with Andrei and his staff.”

Adam Browne
“Our brand is so important to us. We decided that we wanted to trademark both our logo and our tagline. We started it ourselves, but it was returned to us two or three times, so we finally went to an IP law firm that quoted us a price to do that, and it was returned from them three times, and by the time we had finished, we had spent 5 years of our life and well over $6,000 just to get a simple trademark done. I wish I had known Andrei's Trademark Factory back then.”

Lucy Barber
“Andrei, thank you so much.

The world of trademark, trade names and certification marks, along with all the various uses of descriptive words VS non descriptive words can be very confusing. I can see why the industry requires trade mark agents and lawyers, and I am grateful for meeting you at a networking meeting a few months ago to help me in this regard.

It seems, even the first step requires the services of a professional, so, thank you once again.”
Gordon Skillen
“Andrei is a very talented lawyer, hard-working, results-oriented and articulate. With Canadian and Russian legal education he will be a real asset as a global IP lawyer to any firm.”
Carol Patterson
Baker & McKenzie
“Andrei is a genius when it comes down to breaking complicated laws and pulling them into simple contracts. I have spoken with many Vancouver lawyers and Andrei was by far the most down to earth and friendly lawyer I have ever met.

You can trust him, he brings great results and he delivered on-time on every occasion.

I highly recommend hiring Andrei for your contracts, intellectual property or non-disclosure agreements.”
Matt Astifan
“I am so excited, over the moon, proud, pleased to tell you that I have my very first trademark that Trademark Factory has helped me to get! Service was excellent, Trademark Factory has done fabulous job for me and I cannot say enough about the service! So if you have an idea, go to Andrei, he will help you protect it!”

Fran Christie
SmartKids SmartParents
“Andrei has a passion for Intellectual Property Rights spurred by family experience. It is wonderful to see someone light up about an issue that is below most people's radar. For Andrei it's not a matter of balance, it's about the author's or inventor's rights.”
Dan Olson
Sun Life Financial
“I can not speak too highly of Andrei's performance… Not only was he able to achieve swift and effective results for the client, he proved himself to have the ability to remain calm in a crisis and to deliver legal advice that was not only technically sound but was responsive to the client's needs, commercially friendly and easily understandable. He demonstrated an ability to manage client relationships in crisis situations, an ability that is only found as a rule in attorneys with many years more seniority than had Andrei (and even then, rarely found). He is a truly excellent lawyer, was regarded as someone with a great future in this office and we were all very sad indeed to see him go. Russia's loss is Canada's gain, and I am wholly confident that Andrei will go on to a very successful legal career in his adopted country…”
Paul Melling
Baker & McKenzie
“Andrei was a very driven, energetic and hard working lawyer with a keen interest in copyright matters and sense for business development in that area, also with great practical experience.”
Max Gutbrod
Baker & McKenzie
“Andrei of Trademark Factory├é┬« did all the trademarks for Redavid Salon Products Ltd. I didn't have to worry about a thing, Andrei took care of it all. It was a one-time fee, and the results have been there all the time!”

Leo Redavid
Redavid Salon Products Ltd.
“Andrei is a professional in a true sense of the word. He comes in at a crucial moment and calmly delivers exactly what he promises. Like Mr. Wolf in ‘Pulp Fiction’. He is able to quickly evaluate what he can do, and if he is not the best person for the job, he will introduce you to one of his numerous contacts to make sure you get the best lawyer on your side.”
Mikhail I. Goikhberg
Sportable Media
“I have been working with Andrei when starting a company, and I found his legal advice to be both invaluable and professional. While setting up the company and after signing the contract with Andrei, I was fully reliant on him performing the necessary legal analysis of the situation, which left me free to focus on other tasks. During our work together I enjoyed easy communication and fast response through either email or phone. I have to add that Andrei is one of the most dedicated individuals that I know, willing to work late hours well into the morning to meet the deadline.”
Georgy Korablev
“I met Andrei from Trademark Factory™, and he recommended I trademark my company name. I didn’t realize how simple and not expensive as I thought it would be. It was a really good deal, flat rate. So here’s my U.S. trademark for MR. PROLOCK. Canada is coming soon. And I’m starting the new year expanding in the U.S. with my registered trademark, MR. PROLOCK.”

Terry Whin-Yates
Mr. Locksmith / Mr. Prolock
“I started the process of trademarking on my own, then we got ourselves caught in a glitch. I then had a chance to talk to Andrei, his office stepped in, looked at it and helped me to get through the process, got me through the challenges, and before you know it—here you are! Got my name trademarked, really happy, big relief. Strongly recommend Andrei and his team!”

Sanj Sukerkar
Genesys Designs
“I have been getting great service from Andrei when he was with Baker & McKenzie Moscow office.

He has been helping me as General Director of VF Corp in Moscow to fight counterfeiters of the Lee and Wrangler brand with very good results.

I can honestly endorse Andrei as great lawyer in this area.”
Alberto Calo
VF Corporation
“For my company, the most important thing is to protect our branding. We were able to do that thanks to Trademark Factory. Not only did we know exactly how much it was going to cost, they also offered us a 6-month payment plan, which made it possible for us to start right away. Almost right after we started the process, we had other people trying to use our brand, and because we started when we did, we were able to protect our brand properly. I highly recommend Trademark Factory.”

Andrew Davis
“Andrei is an extraordinary lawyer. He’s not one of those lawyers that just simply try to stuff a bunch of legal mumbo-jumbo down your throat. He actually tells you the way it is in plain English what it is that you need to do, what it is that he can do for you and how he will devise plans to protect your intellectual property…”

Michael Rubin
Illustrators MD
“Andrei Mincov of the Trademark Factory® helped me register my domain name JohnChow.Com as a trademark and did a masterful job. Because of Andrei, JohnChow.Com is now a trademark in the United States and soon to be registered in Canada. The process was extremely easy. He asked me a couple of questions, I told him, and he took care of the rest. I didn't have to do anything. Now I'm fully protected. Your name is one of your biggest assets. If you've been in business, you need to protect yourself. The cost of Trademark Factory®'s service is extremely reasonable, and if they have a money-back guarantee. So really, there was nothing for me to lose, and everything for me to gain. Definitely will do business again.”

John Chow
“I had the pleasure of working with Andrei over the years and consistently came away impressed by his tenacity, drive & thoughtfulness in both the work he undertook, as well as the energy he gave to being supportive of his colleagues. I recommend him highly.”
Christopher Aide
Baker & McKenzie
“Andrei is an intelligent, determined man. His clear focus and ambition will serve him and his Clients well. Now is the time to engage Andrei, as his influence and results increase, your relationship will become very valuable.”
James Dean Waryk
Unique Media House
“The guarantee was what helped take a leap. You are a new person in my life... When you're starting a new company, you're running around, you have a million things on your mind. So the guarantee is what tipped us over. My wife is a lawyer, and in the legal field nobody offers money-back guarantee. So today, I'm celebrating our trademark and that you've come through on your promises. ”

Luke Aulin
“Biggest thing for us when it comes to trademarks, we don't understand how to do it. I'm a drummer, I don't have any expertise in trademarking. So when you presented your services I saw that you've got it figured out, it's cost effective and you do it very efficiently. Not a lot was required on my part, which was great. You made it really simple, cost-effective and awesome for us.”

Jared Falk
“I used Trademark Factory for two reasons. One, Andrei had a good reputation and two, the all-inclusive price. The last thing I wanted to do was get hit with the legal bill for thousands of dollars because there is some problem, and this gave me the certainty in a fixed price. I am happy with the Trademark Factory and I recommend that you get your logo trademarked with them.”

Lucas Mattiello
Level Up Living
“I had some major concerns about losing my ideas I'd worked hard on to a producer. Andrei sliced and diced the contract they sent me, helped my understand where and why I could get screwed if things got ugly and rewrote it to completely cover my ass-ets so I felt I could confidently move forward with the deal AND sleep well at night. ”

Jason Bax
“Thanks to Andrei Mincov, I have 3 registered trademarks for Green Financial Online Inc. It was painless. Andrei kept me informed every step of the way. I couldn't be happier. This is the start of my little Green Financial empire!

As a tax professional, I meet people in many lines of work and get to know their reputation in the business community. Andrei has clearly set himself apart from his competition by establishing himself as not only an expert in his field, but earning trust from each of his clients.

The speed, reliability and the style in which Andrei delivers the results quickly buys his clients’ loyalty – not only because of the quality of the work done, but the enjoyable environment he creates.”

Dalton Green
Green Financial Online Inc.,
“Andrei has consistenly provided excellent service in providing legal advice on domain name infringements with a thorough analysis of the applicable laws involved. I highly recommend him. ”
Bonny Cameau
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