What makes me and Mincov Law Corporation different from other lawyers and firms? Our vision, experience and values.

There are five values that define me and my firm.

Efficiency and Effectiveness

    Our firm is driven to be effective. We always focus on outcomes and solutions. Once we know where you want to go, we’ll find the shortest route there. Our obsession with efficiency knows no bounds.

    For instance, we religiously turn paper documents and legal books into searchable PDF files. Often, this helps reduces our “search time” from hours to seconds. This means we spend less hours creating the same outcome, and you spend more time on your business and less time worrying about your legal bill.

    Another example. How many times have your lawyers solved your urgent problems by contacting a copyright infringer via an instant messenger, rather than by sending a full-blown (and expensive) cease-and-desist letter? I did.


    Law began as the noblest of professions. Men were drawn to the profession in order to uphold justice and protect victims. At some point in time, hourly billing and billable hour requirements for associates at big firms overshadowed the noble goal. You already know where this took the profession.

    At Mincov Law Corporation, our purpose is not to bill for the sake of billing; it is to provide you maximum value and allow you to focus on your passion, not your problems.

    We will often work on a flat rate or case basis, and if we don't feel our involvement in a case will best serve you we won't take it. Sometimes it doesn't make sense to spend $2 to defend a $1 suit, or spend $5 to protect IP worth $1. You'll always receive honest, direct advice from us.


    If you have a unique or difficult case, you want to work with a firm that values challenge and innovation. Innovation means better procedures, lower bills, and a higher likelihood of success.

    Our digital database is just one example of our innovation. Our firm is driven by challenge and is constantly improving systems and processes to serve you better. If I find myself doing the same thing more than 3 times, I always look for ways to automate it in the future.

    For example, when I was working with Robbie Fleming, he asked me to calculate pre-judgment interest rate for a specific case. I saw an opportunity in it and coded the free BC Court Interest Calculator.

    Yet another example is MLML, a system of special tags I developed to better display legal documents on this website.


    Integrity is one of our core values: We put your needs before billable hours. Prior to even starting our work together, we will assess your situation and offer clear, unbiased advice as to your next steps. We will advise if you’ll be better served without counsel, with another firm or with us.

    This is how our new service, IP Strategy Review, was created. Instead of taking advantage of the client’s lack of understanding of how different areas of intellectual property work and billing clients for work they don’t really need, we now offer a comprehensive review of your business from the standpoint of how it can be protected from being copied by your competitors – at a flat rate.


    When your lawyer is passionate about law they won’t give up when things look tough. They will persevere until they find a solution and you win. I really love law and these feelings resound in Mincov Law Corporation.

    I’m passionate about IP law for 2 reasons:

      1. I am passionate about the law because it allows me to experience a sense of accomplishment when I have my lightbulb moments. To paraphrase an immortal quote from The Fountainhead, “I don’t practice law to have clients, I have clients in order to practice law”.

      2. I am passionate about IP because I strongly believe that people who have the brains, talent and vision to create something that becomes part of our lives and culture, deserve recognition. And the least we can do for them is to let them decide how their works should be used.

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