March 7, 2016 @ 12:49:00
Propel Your Ideas Into Action: TEDx Stanley Park
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Think globally act locally

Patrick Geddes

Back on stage, TEDx Stanley Park is going to cause a stir in Vancouver on May 28, confirming again that ideas worth spreading. This significant event is held annually in Vancouver and it is a non-profit intellectual gathering of people, who want to share their ideas. TEDx is independent from “mother-conference” in the USA but has to follow the same principles that ensure that TED is the event to learn and to get inspired.

Since 2013, TEDx Stanley Park has been putting together speakers, whose stories never cease to inspire and motivate.

Initially, the name TED was supposed stand for Technology, Entertainment and Design.

However, themes of conferences went far beyond and cover nearly all areas: science, education, art, sport, social awareness, medicine, entrepreneurship, ecology etc. From the same stage, you would hear about physiology details of a brain—all the way up to art, sexual life, and environment.

Best thing about TED is that all of the lectures are available online, free of charge. And If somehow you have no idea what TED is, start with these 11 Must-See TED talks.

This year’s main topic of TEDx Stanley Park is Ideas to Action. They say, all human achievements have 3 sources: the dreams that we dream, the choices that we make, the actions that we take.

Of course, our actions speak louder than words. That’s why TEDx Stanley team selected such speakers who will literally force you to act and help to realize your fresh ideas and dreams. All talks are aimed to power people’s attitude to various problems and initiate positive movements for changes. 15 outstanding speakers (some of which Trademark Factory® is proud to have as clients) will share their innovative ideas and new vision. Here is just a small synopsis of talks:

  • Isabelle Mercier will reveal how we are killing ourselves waking up worried
  • Dan Lok will explain why great ideas don’t succeed
  • Iman Aghay will share his deathbed lessons
  • Gary Patterson will express how it is to be different and why people are often uncomfortable with reality
  • Julus Ku-Lea will speak about nowadays slavery and how it is connected with our consuming products
  • Kieron Sweeney an international business coach, lecturer, and digital entrepreneur will teach how to be more financially secure

Still wondering if it’s worth attending? Stop that! It certainly is, but the organizers wanted to make that even simpler for you to spend one unforgettable day surrounded by amazing people, to get inspiration, to encourage yourself for accomplishment and to be involved in provoking conversations.

Drop everything, head over to and use Andrei to get $20 off your lucky ticket for this incredible event.

So, will you put your ideas into action?

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